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October 18 2022

Improvements and new design in login and signup


Continuing our efforts to improve our sign up and login processes, we’re now launching a new experience. Users should be able to join CARTO in a more smooth way with these new additions:

  • A screen now will offer users the chance to create a new organization or join an existing one if there are users from the same domain.
  • The list of organizations to join now has details about the users, the plan and a search bar to find the desired organization.
  • When you request to join an organization you can now cancel that request (if it was undesired or the admin is unresponsive).
  • When following an invitation the signup form will now be already pre-filled.
  • The process to join an organization is now simpler with less steps.
  • Multiple bug fixes and minor improvements.

Screen showing the new design for signup process