CARTO 3 Workspace

CARTO 3 Workspace

CARTO Data Warehouse

Every CARTO account comes with an active data warehouse connection created by default.

This connection will grant you access to some resources, in terms of storage and computing, in order to get you started with our platform, and also have access to some demo data. It will also enable you to have access to spatial datasets from CARTO’s Data Observatory without the need of connecting your own data warehouse.


The CARTO Data Warehouse connection is limited to a certain amount of computing per day. You can find this limit in the carto_dw connection’s card.

Spatial Extension

The CARTO Spatial Extension is enabled by default on the carto_dw connection. Check this reference to learn about the functions available in the extension.

CARTO Demo Data

The carto_dw connection grants access to a set of demo tables and tilesets that can be used to start creating maps and exploring the tools from the very beginning. They’re available and ready to be used in your account’s Data Explorer.