CARTO User Manual

CARTO User Manual


In this section we provide a set of tutorials that showcase how to get the most out of the CARTO platform, in particular through the Workspace and Builder interfaces that are detailed in this User Manual.

These tutorials leverage the demo data provided by default via the CARTO Data Warehouse connection, so you can start creating maps and exploring our tools from the very beginning.

The data you need for these tutorials are available and ready to be used in the Data Explorer and Builder and you can start using them with all other components of the CARTO platform.

    Score areas based on demographics to select advertising panels

    In this tutorial we explore the best locations to place panels for Starbucks advertisements, using geosegmentation and spatial indexes.

    Locating the best out-of-home panels using human mobility data

    In this tutorial we find the Out-Of-Home panels in Madrid that best match the forecasted mobility of a target audience. We visualize mobility using quadints that represent visitor volumes

    Identifying billboards around POIs using proximity analysis

    We find the OOH panels closest to a certain point of interest, in this case Starbucks, using proximity analysis .

    Build a store performance monitoring dashboard

    In this tutorial we are going to vizualize revenue performance and surface area of retail stores across the USA. We will construct two views, one of individual store performance using bubbles, and one of aggregated performance using hexagons. By vizualizing this information on a map we can easily identify where our business is performing better and which are the most successful stores (revenue inversely correlated with surface area).

    Selecting a new restaurant location with spatial analytics

    We find the best new location for a specific target demographics using spatial indexes and advanced statistical functions such as Commercial Hotspots.

    Analysing urban areas affected by earthquakes

    In this section, we provide a tutorial that showcases how easy it is to perform geospatial analysis operations using CARTO Builder. In this example, we will analyse the total of urban areas affected in Spain by earthquakes over 2021. This type of analysis can be useful to show the general situation of risks threatening a given population in order to be able to plan measures and actions to mitigate their possible negative effects (human, economic and environmental).