CARTO User Manual

CARTO User Manual

Editing a connection

In the Connections section of the Workspace, you can view the list of your current connections. You can access the quick actions menu to manage your connection by clicking on the three point icon in the top right hand corner. There are 2 options available: Edit connection and Delete connection.

Connection quick actions

If you click the Edit quick action, you will be redirected to a dialog to edit connection parameters. This dialog contains the same form that you filled out when adding the connection, showing the current values.

If you edit the connection parameters and you have datasets that are syncing at periodic intervals, these datasets will no longer sync if they are not available using the modified connection parameters.

Edit connection

After editing the connection parameters click the Save changes button. A dialog will appear so you can confirm that you want to save the changes. It includes information about maps related to the existing connection that could potentially be affected by the change. Click the Yes, save button to confirm the changes or click Cancel if you don’t want the changes to be applied.

Confirm connection edition