What's New

What's New

private beta
analytics toolbox

Today we are making available under private beta the option for Admin users to install the Analytics Toolbox in their Snowflake accounts with a simplified process assisted by the CARTO UI.

From the Settings section of the CARTO Workspace users can now install, update and uninstall the Analytics Toolbox for Snowflake without external support. All details for setting up your Snowflake resources and to carry out the installation process can be found in our documentation.

If you would like to get access to this new feature while in private beta, please contact CARTO’s support team at support@carto.com.

developer tools

A new version of CARTO for React has been released with the following main highlights:

  • Support for parameterized queries. Now, a user can define queries that allow for external parameters to be injected into the query and create more powerful dynamic queries without having to modify the SQL; this, will result in filtering being applied from the backend side to the sources and will be reflected in layers and widgets. For more information, a guide has been included in our documentation and can be accessed here.
  • Several bug fixes.

Batch simulation of candidate locations is now possible in the Site Selection application. Instead of simulating locations one by one, users can now use a CSV template to upload in bulk the location details of their candidates. They can subsequently edit and remove their locations in the application as they see fit before running a batch simulation.

This feature enables users to process in bulk lists of candidate locations often provided by separate research teams, rather than one by one.


Users can now explore the impact of the revenue prediction model features directly through the Site Selection application.

For each simulated location and associated predicted revenue, the widget showcases the magnitude of the impact of the features included in the model (i.e. population, mobility, POIs, etc.), as well as whether they contribute to predictions positively or negatively.

November 15, 2022

Logarithmic scales in Builder


Logarithmic scales are now available as a data classification option in Builder.

While they’re available for all kind of sources, a logarithmic scales based on powers of 10 will be the default option for aggregated data sources.

This new addition will make it easier to create better cartography when working with spatial indexes, as well as a handy additional method of classification for other types of maps.

Logarithmic Scales in Builder


Following the release of geocoding and isolines for Google BigQuery, and the new layout for the Settings, we’re adding new trackers for quotas in Workspace so users can understand and predict their consumption.

  1. We added a new “CARTO for Developers” section, including:

    • Existing quota: Applications, for applications created using Workspace
    • A new quota: Tokens, for tokens generated using the Tokens API
  2. We also added a new “Location Data Services” section, including tracking for Geocoding and Isolines operations. These quotas are reset every month, and each unit represents a row processed.

  3. Finally, the “Connections” quota was removed, and will be gradually removed so users can create as many connections as needed without any warnings.

New Settings Layout