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October 18 2022

Multiple editor users working on the same map

private beta

Collaborating on CARTO maps is finally possible, in asynchronous mode. This is helpful in setups such as production-ready maps, where the original owner might be out of office; or in situations where the data, analysis and cartography are each accomplished by different users. This is how it works:

  1. The map owner first needs to enable collaboration for that map.
  2. From that moment, all editors with access to the map will be able to edit it.
  3. If two editors try to edit at the same time, the last one will be locked out, with the option of requesting to take over editing.

This functionality is currently under private beta, please get in touch with your CARTO representative or via our Support team at support@carto.com, so we can activate this feature in your account. We plan to release in general availability during the first half of Q4 2022.