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October 11 2022

New filter to select date ranges in your temporal data when creating maps in Builder


We have just added a new exciting component to Builder. The new Date Filter allows you to reduce the size of a data source by selecting a specific time range from a date or timestamp column in your data.

It is available for dynamically tiled data sources, which basically means tables bigger than 30MB and Custom SQL queries. Find more information about data source sizes here.

When dealing with temporal series it is very common to find overlapping points, repeated geometries or spatial indexes… which make the analysis and visualization of the data cumbersome and difficult to visualize. This new component lets the user select a specific time range to filter their data, making all these problems easier to work around.

This new filter actually pushes down a SQL filter, which reduces the amount of data processed and transferred, while the Time-Series widget allows filtering the data when it has already been loaded in the browser. They can play very well together, using the filter to pre-select a time range to work with, and the Time-Series widget for finer client-side filtering, visualizing the series, animations, etc

As an Editor, you can decide whether or not to include the Date selector in the public map. This allows deeper data exploration for viewer and public users.