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Enhancing Geospatial in BigQuery with CARTO Spatial Extension


The Spatial Extension is packed with functions and procedures to perform geospatial analysis using expressive and simple SQL, all natively within the data warehouse environment. The core layer of the Spatial Extension, which enhances the built-in GIS capabilities of the cloud data warehouses, is open source and freely available on GitHub.

For further information check the blog post and the documentation.

Introducing CARTO for React


React is currently one of the most popular frameworks for building web applications. We are convinced that the React library along with Redux provides an unmatched environment for building Location Intelligence applications.

Today we are announcing a further development resource to help our partners and customers to be more productive building apps, by opening up the same tools we use to create CARTO itself, and announcing CARTO for React. With this announcement our goal is to make development of spatial applications at least twice as fast.

For further information check the blog post and the documentation.

Introducing CARTO for


It is CARTO’s vision that you, as a developer, should be able to choose whichever mapping library you prefer for your applications. And for that reason we have been working over the last few months on adding support for one of the most popular libraries out there, We are so excited about its possibilities that we have decided to make it our preferred and recommended library for building spatial applications using CARTO.

Today, we are very excited to announce that a complete CARTO module is now available as part of the framework. This means developers can easily use CARTO APIs when building apps using the framework.

The new CARTO modules for allow you to visualize regular Tables in CARTO and BigQuery Tilesets.

For additional information check the blog post and the documentation.