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Example tilesets

Some of the spatial datasets offered in the Data Observatory are very large (a few TB), either due to their global coverage, such as WorldPop or NASADEM, or their fine granularity, such as ACS Sociodemographics at census block group level and their visualization requires the creation of tilesets. Tilesets creation is currently only available for BigQuery users through the CARTO Analytics Toolbox.

We have created a collection of ready-to-use Data Observatory tilesets from public datasets that are publicly available in the BigQuery project carto-do-public-tilesets.

Use the gallery below to browse examples of the types of visualizations that can achieved along with a table that details how to find the location and characteristics of all available tilesets.

DO dataset Variables Type Example viz Location in BigQuery
Sociodemographics - Canada (Census Division) - Statistics Canada d.c0001_t as population_2016, d.c0004_t as total_dwellings, d.c0006_t as population_sq_km Simple Link carto-do-public-tilesets.can_statistics.demographics_sociodemographics_can_censusdivision_2016_5yrs_2016_tileset_000
Spatial Features - United States of America (Quadgrid 15) - CARTO SUM(population) as population, SUM(retail) as retail, SUM(food_drink) as food_drink Aggregation Link carto-do-public-tilesets.carto.derived_spatialfeatures_usa_quadgrid15_v1_yearly_2020_tileset_002
Spatial Features - Spain (Quadgrid 15) - CARTO SUM(population) as population, SUM(retail) as retail, SUM(food_drink) as food_drink Aggregation Link carto-do-public-tilesets.carto.derived_spatialfeatures_esp_quadgrid15_v1_yearly_2020_tileset_000
Sociodemographics (Spain, Census Sections) - Instituto Nacional de Estadística d.t1_1 as population_per_sqkm, d.t21_1 as households_per_sqkm, d.t6_2 as foreigners_per_sqkm, all normalized by squared kilometer Simple Link carto-do-public-tilesets.esp_ine.demographics_sociodemographics_esp_censussection_2011_yearly_2011_tileset_003
New American Atlas - United States of America (Census Tract) - Consumer Data Research Centre Spielman_Singleton_Group Simple Link carto-do-public-tilesets.gbr_cdrc.demographics_newamericanatlas_usa_censustract_2019_5yrs_2020_tileset_002
Sociodemographics - United Kingdom (Output Area) - Office for National Statistics total_pop normalized per squared kilometer as population_per_sqm, economically_active, long_term_unemployed Simple Link carto-do-public-tilesets.gbr_ons.demographics_sociodemographics_gbr_outputarea_2011_10yrs_2011_tileset_000
Sociodemographics - United States of America (Census Block Group, 2018, 5yrs) - American Community Survey total_pop, households, median_income, income_per_capita Simple Link carto-do-public-tilesets.usa_acs.demographics_sociodemographics_usa_blockgroup_2015_5yrs_20142018_tileset_001
Population - Global (Grid 1km) - Worldpop SUM(population) as population_t Aggregation Link carto-do-public-tilesets.worldpop.demographics_population_glo_grid1km_v1_yearly_2020_tileset_000
Population - Japan (Grid 100m) - Worldpop SUM(population) as population_t Aggregation Link carto-do-public-tilesets.worldpop.demographics_population_jpn_grid100m_v1_yearly_2020_tileset_000
Nodes - Spain (Latitude/Longitude) - OpenStreetMap amenity Simple Link carto-do-public-tilesets.openstreetmap.pointsofinterest_nodes_esp_latlon_v1_quarterly_v1_tileset001
Nodes - France (Latitude/Longitude) - OpenStreetMap amenity Simple Link carto-do-public-tilesets.openstreetmap.pointsofinterest_nodes_fra_latlon_v1_quarterly_v1_tileset002
VIIRS Nighttime Lights - Global (Grid 500m) - Colorado School of Mines MAX(value) as value Aggregation Link carto-do-public-tilesets.coschoolofmines.demographics_nighttimelights_glo_grid500x500m_v1_yearly_2020_tileset_000
NASADEM - Global (Quadgrid 15) - NASA AVG(elevation) as elevation Aggregation Link carto-do-public-tilesets.nasa.environmental_nasadem_glo_quadgrid15_v1_static_v1_tileset_000