CARTO User Manual

CARTO User Manual

    Build an interactive map and embed it

    In this section, we provide a tutorial that showcases how easy it is to create an interactive map using CARTO Builder and share it, embed it on your web page, or using a low code tool to create a story map.

    Analyzing Airbnb ratings in Los Angeles

    In this tutorial we will analyze which factors drive the overall impression of Airbnb users by relating the overall rating score with different variables through a Geographically Weighted Regression model. Additionally, we'll analyze more in-depth the areas where the _location_ score drives the overall rating, and inspect sociodemographic attributes on these by enriching our visualization with data from the Data Observatory.

    Assessing the damages of La Palma Volcano

    Since 11 September 2021, a swarm of seismic activity had been ongoing in the southern part of the Spanish Canary Island of La Palma (Cumbre Vieja region). The increasing frequency, magnitude, and shallowness of the seismic events were an indication of a pending volcanic eruption; which occurred on 16th September, leading to evacuation of people living in the vicinity. In this tutorial we are going to assess the number of buildings and population that may get affected by the lava flow and its deposits. We'll also estimate the value of damaged residential properties affected by the volcano eruption.

    Build a categories & bubbles visualization

    Understanding population distribution has important implications in a wide range of geospatial analysis such as human exposure to hazards and climate change or improving geomarketing and site selection strategies. In this tutorial we are going to represent the distribution of the most populated places by applying colours to each type of place and a point size based on the maximum population. Therefore, we can easily understand how the human settlement areas is distributed with a simple visualization that we can use in further analysis.

    Build a dashboard with a local CSV file

    In this tutorial we are going to showcase how to upload a local CSV file to your CARTO Data Warehouse and then use it to build an interactive dashboard with our map-making tool, Builder.

    Subscribe to public data from the Data Observatory

    In this tutorial we are going to showcase how to leverage the public data offering from our Data Observatory and use the data from a subscription to build an interactive dashboard in our map-making tool, Builder.