CARTO User Manual

CARTO User Manual

Sharing a connection

This guide describes how you can share a connection with your teammates. When you create a connection, it’s always private by default.

In the Connections section of the Workspace, you can view the list of your current connections. If your connection is private, you will have access to the quick actions menu to manage your connection by clicking on the three point icon in the top right hand corner. There are 3 options available: Edit, Share and Delete.

Edit connection share option

If you click the Share quick action, you will be redirected to a new dialog screen that will allow you to select who you want to share your connection with.

Connection card sharing options private

Click on Organization to share it.

Connection card sharing options organization

Once you have shared your connection, it will be available to all users in your organization. This means they’ll be able to use this connection in their own maps. You can easily identify it with the icon and label on the card.

Connection card connection shared

You can always change the privacy of your connection. When you select the private mode, a message will appear warning you that by making the connection private, it will break the data sources added by other users, affecting their maps. Click on Confirm to accept this or click on Cancel to continue:

Connection card switch to private warning