Analytics Toolbox for BigQuery

Analytics Toolbox for BigQuery


In this section we provide a set of examples that showcase how to leverage the functions of our Analytics Toolbox to unlock advanced spatial analyses in your data warehouse platform. They cover a broad range of use cases with methods for data transformations, enrichment, spatial indexing in Quadkey and H3, statistics, clustering, spatial data science methods and more.

The Analytics Toolbox can be leveraged from the SQL Query editor in Builder, your data warehouse console, or in SQL and Python Notebooks using the SQL clients provided by the different cloud platforms.

    Applying GWR to understand Airbnb listings prices

    Geographically Weighted Regression (GWR) is a statistical regression method that models the local (e.g. regional or sub-regional) relationships between a set of predictor variables and an outcome of interest. Therefore, it should be used in lieu of a global model in those scenarios where these relationships vary spatially.